Tax Obligation

Landlords -10 Rental Expenses that will Help Offset Rental Income

Ah, the pleasures of investing in rental properties….some years you’re scrambling for deductions and other years you wonder how you managed to live on such little rental income.  This article will focus on investors who’ve had a great year of Rental Income and are looking for ways to LEGALLY reduce Net Operating Income with capital […]

High Equity

Building Wealth with Poor Performers in Buffalo: Why I don’t Like Buying Good Performing Real Estate.

Whether you’re into stocks, funds, notes, crypto, gold, or Real Estate, you’ve probably read a disclaimer that looks something like this: “Previous Performance Does Not Dictate Future Results” Obviously, people selling these investments use this disclaimer as an eloquent way of reminding you that  “Hey, this investment is currently performing great, HOWEVER….we cant guarantee it always will.” But couldn’t it just as easily mean this:  “Just because this investment […]

6 Upcoming Real Estate Tax Foreclosure Auctions around Buffalo, NY and tips for reducing risk

Going once, twice, SOLD! Today’s topic comes just in time to remind us that Auction season is upon us.  And, if you’re like me, this means it’s probably time to part with the cash you’ve been saving! Now of course there are auctions every day in our neck of the woods, but I’m talking about getting in […]