I consider myself to be a conservative, fast-acting investor.  I take on flips only when I’ll make at least $30,000 profit (quickly).   When acquiring rentals, I look for properties that cashflow $500 per door.   I invest in every area of Buffalo and surrounding towns where I would feel comfortable enough spending the night.     I buy off the MLS, craigslist, courthouse steps, word of mouth and of course at Buffalo’s many, many auctions.

Buffalo is an amazing place to invest but it is NOT without its peculiarities. In fact; it has many.  I would venture to guess that for every investor who gets it right, there are dozens who get it all wrong.  I’ve seen insane auction bids by out of towners, desperate craigslist ads of sorry investors taking huge losses, and properties that go into immediate tax foreclosure because it’s the investor’s only way out.

You do not have to be one of those investors. I am committed to packing this site full of useful information that has taken me over a decade to learn and compile through my own investment experience and that of hundreds of other investors and I offer inside information at reasonable prices.

If there is a certain topic would be interested in learning, use the contact form on the home page to drop me a note.

To your success!