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Should I Become a Real Estate Investor Quiz


Real Estate Investors come from all walks of life and success rates vary.

If you are looking for a career change or just wondering if becoming a full time real estate investor is for you, here is a fun, short quiz.   These 7 questions are aimed at identifying whether some of the most fundamental qualities are in your favor.

So, grab a pen or pencil and get ready to jot down your answers.   Answer all 7 questions by completing each sentence with the response that best describes you or your situation.

Should I become a Real Estate Investor Quiz

1 – Having a stable income is:

  1. Top priority
  2. Important
  3. Worth working towards


2 – If I could work 40 hours a week for a good company with good benefits until retirement

  1. I’d feel empty
  2. I’d be extremely grateful
  3. I’d make the best of it


3 – The technology Volkswagen devised in order to cheat on emissions testing was

  1. Unforgivable
  2. Brilliant
  3. Not hurting anyone


4 – People often describe me as

  1. A good listener
  2. A real problem solver
  3. The life of the Party


5 – In my Family I’m known as

  1. The Brainy one
  2. The Jokester
  3. The Peacemaker


6 – My Office/Hobby Work-space is

  1. An organized mess
  2. Neat and Polished
  3. An embarrassing mess


7 – Why would anyone in their right mind…

  1. Leave a great paying job with full benefits
  2. Spend $25 for one beer
  3. Go into huge Debt for a Vacation


Should I Become a Real Estate Investor Quiz Score Key

Use the key below and give yourself points based on how you answered the questions.

Question A B C
1 0 1 3
2 3 0 1
3 2 0 0
4 2 3 1
5 2 2 3
6 3 1 1
7 0 2 3

Points Results

Add up all of your points and check out your results:

0-6 –Real Estate Investing will probably feel like a lot of work and you may struggle to stick with it.

7-14 – You might do well as a Real Estate Investor and should look to partner up with others who can keep you motivated.

Over 15 – You have what it takes!  After you learn the ropes, you could be very successful and possibly be a great mentor to others.

Some Traits of Successful Real Estate Investors

Successful Real Estate Investors must be willing and able to accept delayed gratification.  Their salary will be very erratic and their work load will be heavy, especially in the first year or two.

In order to sustain any type of success, a Real Estate Investor must deal with people honestly and look to create win/win situations with their buyers, sellers, and customers.  Self-serving practices or lopsided negotiation techniques will not result in longevity for Real Estate Investors.

Finally, most successful Real Estate Investors have an adverse reaction to the 40 hour work week. It’s not so much the ’40 hours’ as it is the daily grind and the feeling that their hard work is just lining someone else’s pockets.  A burning desire to create something of their own is real and constantly comes to the surface. They can subdue these feelings with logical self-talk, but are unable to completely extinguish the flame.

If this sounds like you, why not take a shot at investing in Real Estate?

To your success!

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